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About Puraz Health 

A Global Company

Puraz is proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated.  We operate our own RMP registered manufacturing facility which is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. The manufacturing facility is fully registered with the FDA in the United States.

The company was founded in 2004 with the aim to develop, produce and market some of the world's most advanced health and beauty products. It started with just one product; Puraz 100% Collagen capsules, a unique formulation containing the right types of collagen for skin replenishment.

Due to the results this product achieved over time - with many of those results evidenced in before and after hi-resolution photographic studies, it soon became one of the top selling beauty products in its category, with sales from all over the globe.

Building on this success and the knowledge developed in the area of collagen restoration, Puraz then developed a new product called PRO-d, The New Generation Joint Formula.  PRO-d represented a breakthrough as it has been shown that it can assist joints to repair:  The product has been scientifically proven to help support the regeneration of cartilage cells.  (Trinity Bioactives study 2011).

From a strong base of developing advanced health and beauty formulations, the company has gone on to produce a growing range of cutting-edge products, including a day serum and night cream with one of the highest rates of collagen synthesis in the market (Puraz COMPLETE) and a leading Cholesterol Management product called CL6.  Please view the products section to see the full range.

Our Principles

Puraz Health is dedicated to:

  1. Formulating innovative and leading products with the best and latest ingredients available, backed by good science.
  2. Offering excellent value by ensuring all products contain appropriate quantities of active ingredients so they can be truly effective.
  3. Supporting our customers to ensure they get the best possible health and beauty benefits, and great customer service.
  4. Offering our popular Puraz Club where loyal customers can enjoy regular deliveries, free freight and savings on all products.
  5. Manufacturing and developing products locally to ensure the best possible levels of quality control.

Making the Future

Puraz Health is committed to developing new products and constantly improving our existing ones as scientific knowledge in the areas of health, beauty and anti-aging continues to expand.

Our new product development team is constantly working on innovative new products to improve the lives of our customers, and we are always happy to hear your feedback on our products and your suggestions for new areas.  Please send your comments and ideas to our customer support team.