Studies show many fish oils are rancid and lack omega 3. How does Puraz Krill Oil stack up?

Fish oil study

Given recent media reports on problems with fish oil, Puraz has had their Krill Oil product independently tested.

A Nature Journal article reports that a high proportion of retail Fish Oil supplements in New Zealand are of poor quality, containing both high levels of oxidation by-products (which indicate rancidity) and less Omega 3 than stated on the label.

Although Krill Oil supplements were not part of the study, it is understandable that consumers of it may worry.  Nobody wants to consume unhealthy rancid oils, or receive less Omega 3 than they paid for.  For this reason Puraz has taken steps to assure that Puraz Krill Oil is fresh, potent and accurately labelled.

What did the study show in terms of omega 3 and other areas?

• All Fish Oil products available on the New Zealand market were eligible for inclusion. 32 of these were selected.
• Selected products were tested for fatty acid content  and markers of rancidity (peroxide values, anisidine values and total oxidation).
• Only 3 products of those 32 contained the label claimed amount of the Omega 3’s docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).
• Only 8% of tested products did not exceed internationally recommended levels for indices of oxidation.
• Best-before date, cost, country of origin, and exclusivity were all poor indicators of product quality.

Test results for Puraz Krill Oil capsules

Puraz Krill Oil was analysed by the Cawthron Institute for total Omega 3, EPA, DHA and peroxide values.  The graphs below illustrate how the capsules compare to those featured in the Nature Journal article.

Total Omega 3:

Total Omega 3 was 25% higher than the required amount, with both DHA and EPA levels being at least as high as the label claim.

Puraz Krill Oil was 125% of label claim.

omega 3 graph

Peroxide Value:

The peroxide value of Puraz Krill Oil capules was exceptionally low, almost certainly this is attributable to the high level of astaxanthin, a natural anti-oxidant.  In fact, the level was as low as the laboratory can reliably measure for this rancidity marker. You can’t get better than that.

Puraz Krill Oil level was <0.1 (i.e. lowest they can measure).

omega 3 graph

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Sara Lake
Sara Lake is a Christchurch (New Zealand) based nutritionist, food blogger and MSc student of human nutrition at Massey University.