What makes Collagen more special to conventional wrinkle cream treatments

Collagen Skincare

Science shows collagen supplementation can lead to much younger looker skin

Skin care these days is advancing beyond traditional wrinkle cream treatments.  More and more, leading beauty therapists are starting to realise the benefits of nutraceuticals backed by good science and providing them to clients to increase satisfaction and results.

One leading nutraceutical product in the beauty industry is Puraz 100% Collagen capsules, made by New Zealand company Puraz Health.

Over the last eight years the company has undertaken both its own lab studies and collected up an impressive body of international research on the benefits of collagen supplementation.  General Manager, Lee Stirling highlights a recent study in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association:

“An eight week study of women 35-65 who supplemented with collagen found that there was a highly statistically significant improvement in periorbital wrinkling, in periorbital aging and in periorbital overall facial aging.”

A further Japanese study on the effects of oral ingestion of collagen found that when healthy Japanese women ingested collagen peptides over 60 days, it was shown that the absorption ability of the outer most layer of the skin increased, and thus improved skin function.

However one of the most compelling studies appeared even more recently in The Journal of Dermatology where researchers concluded that oral ingestion of collagen hydrolysate may lead to more viscous and elastic skin resulting in improvement of skin appearance.

Puraz themselves further confirmed this with their own independent trials recently done in New Zealand.  These showed that when Puraz 100% Collagen is added to human skin fibroblast cells, the cells are activated and rejuvenated and their ability to produce elastin and the building blocks of the skin are stimulated.

Mr. Stirling says that the research is highly consistent with the results that customers are reporting from Puraz 100% Collagen capsules:

“Over the last few years our company has conducted numerous ‘before and after’ photo trials and the results in most cases have been quite significant.  What that means for beauty therapists is that they can supply clients on a regular basis with a product that will work from within to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, while improving skin elasticity every day.”

Mr. Stirling, says the company currently has therapists up and down the country stocking the capsules and making them available to clients.  “Puraz 100% Collagen works perfectly for the therapist’s business,” Mr Stirling says, “because the collagen framework offers a basis for all other treatments to work even better.  Therapists also love our product because it encourages clients to come back.”

For the last eight years, Puraz has also offered every fourth bottle free for regular clients whereby they return to the therapist to collect their next bottle.  “We’ve aimed to make the best collagen product available, backed by good science,” Mr. Stirling says.  “The support of the beauty therapy industry has assisted and continues to aid us in spreading the message about firmer, younger looking skin through collagen supplementation.”

Puraz’s product represents a growing trend:  Advancing science and development in the area of nutraceutical products will continue to help therapists provide solutions to clients looking for lasting beauty results and well being.

Puraz Health is currently looking for new beauty therapist stockists in available territories worldwide.  Please visit www.puraz.com for further information and to order products.