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Puraz New Zealand began in 2004 with the sole aim of creating scientifically-formulated, but all natural, health and beauty products to work from within the body, to achieve truly noticeable results to both skin and wellbeing. Prior to 2004, the company’s founder and still CEO today, Warren Stirling, could see the enormous potential in natural products when they were formulated based on scientific evidence. He began researching the market extensively and found the natural health and beauty industry was dominated by products that contained active ingredients with little scientific evidence for efficacy and/or contained such small or inappropriate amounts of active ingredients, they simply couldn’t give people the results they were being promised.

From here, the Puraz brand was born, offering real value by ensuring all products contain scientifically researched active ingredients at scientifically formulated levels so they can be truly effective. To this day, we remain committed to developing new products and constantly improving our existing ones, as scientific knowledge in the areas of health, beauty and anti-aging continues to expand.

Our Mission

Puraz New Zealand is committed to:
  • Creating the most advanced, all-natural health and beauty products that make a noticeable difference in people’s lives.
  • Providing real value by ensuring all products contain scientifically proven active ingredients at scientifically formulated levels so they can be genuinely effective.
  • The VIP Membership so customers can enjoy generous savings, hassle-free ordering and free deliveries.
  • Manufacturing and developing products locally to ensure the best possible levels of quality control.
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How the Puraz
story began

New Zealander Warren Stirling founded Puraz back in 2004 and is still our sole owner and CEO. In his own words, he talks about how and why he started the business and his plans for the future of Puraz.
“I was diagnosed with an aortic heart valve defect (of which I was born with) in 1996 and underwent open heart surgery to replace the defective valve with a mechanical valve. The recovery after open heart surgery and valve replacement can be a very long slow process and as a very active person and busy businessman I needed everything in my favor to get back to the fit and active person that I was. I became very interested in health supplement products to help my body cope day to day with this dramatic change and basically give it as much help as possible.”

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The Collagen Experts

Great fast response every time.Now I’m new to this I bought the probiotics I feel good, I got sick but only for 48 hour’s. It was some type of bad flu that’s going around, you get very sore muscles and joints. Of course I’m fine now.,thank you Puraz .

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