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Posted on 01 January 2019

Collagen health supplement manufacturing

Let’s talk about something that we think is very important: the health supplement industry, and specifically, the reasons why we at Puraz made the costly decision to build our own manufacturing facility and take control of all of the processes that lead to the product that you put into your body.

There are a few things you as a consumer should be able to take for granted when selecting and consuming a food or dietary supplement. For a start it should be safe, and it should contain all of the ingredients declared on the label, and nothing that isn’t. You should feel confident that the ingredients are high quality, fresh and that what you buy has been subjected to thorough testing. Recent negative publicity has brought this to the fore, with companies in the media having product recalled for containing liver-damaging quantities of herbs, including illegal substances or padding out the active ingredients with undeclared fillers. These stories are horrifying! As a manufacturer that cares about our customers and our industry, we realised long ago that the only way to 100% avoid such issues was to stop using contract manufacturers and to bring everything ‘in-house and hands-on’. Needless to say, this makes us unusual, if not unique. It is nearly unheard of for small health supplement companies to manufacture their own product, in fact many simply re-label mass produced product, a point that may be obvious to anyone with even rudimentary label-reading skills!

When it comes to our facility and products, please excuse us while we brag that both are world class. When constructing the production facility we exercised forethought and went far beyond what is strictly necessary for collagen supplements, with the layout and materials being GMP compliant in case we decide to apply for that international license in future. Every part of the manufacturing process, including product development, labeling, ingredient sourcing, dispensing, mixing, encapsulation, bottling, cleaning, storage, transport and product testing are strictly controlled and documented under our MPI Registered Risk Management Programme (Identifier: PUGLOBAL2). Every three months, we are visited by MPI and thoroughly audited. As well as the RMP, we hold a National Programme 3 registration with the local council, and are registered with the FDA.

In addition, our offices, management, quality control, reception and dispatch are all in the same Christchurch building. It’s the very definition of a ‘close knit’ business operation, and for us, it’s the only way! With everything under one roof we have full control and complete transparency. It is possible for any member of our small team, which includes the owners, to lay eyes (or carefully gloved hands!) on any of the ingredients, packaging materials or finished product at any time and we can respond with agility to any problems that may arise or to instigate changes we may wish to make. When you call, you speak to someone based a few metres from the production facility in one direction and the CEO’s office in the other, how’s that for kiwi-ness? Kiwi-as?

Of course maintaining this ethos and structure is an ongoing process, and one that we work on daily to nurture what could be described as the Puraz vibe. For us it’s about integrity, raising the bar for supplements and keeping it real as we do our best for you lovely people, our customers.

Find out why we call ourselves the collagen experts by visiting our About Us page.

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