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NEW Puraz 100% Collagen Infusion - Your Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on 31 October 2018

Puraz 100% Collagen product has been given an upgrade, with a new and improved formula. What this means for you is even greater value than ever before! One of the most effective collagen supplements on the market has now become even better.

What are some of the questions people are asking about the latest advancements in Puraz 100% Collagen? Check out these quickfire Q & A’s to understand why Puraz 100% Collagen continues to lead the way and what the new powerful formula can do for you.

Why has Puraz 100% Collagen been changed?
We keep at the very cutting edge of the latest scientific research and are constantly developing/improving our products to ensure our customers are getting the very finest products available. The changes we have made to Puraz 100% Collagen will ensure you get even better results than ever before.

What are the benefits of the new and improved version?
• 35% MORE COLLAGEN: higher dosage for increased anti-aging action
• INFUSED WITH PHENOLIC ANTIOXIDANTS: for protection against skin damage
• ADDED VITAMIN C: to assist collagen synthesis & absorption.

Is it still the same 100% pure collagen used?
Yes. We are still using the exact same high grade 100% pure collagen that Puraz is famous for. The only difference is you are now getting a higher daily dose, for even better results.

Do I have to pay more for the improved version?
No. The price of your Puraz 100% Collagen has not changed. We have absorbed the extra costs associated with improving the product. As a result, you are simply getting more value than ever before.

Has the number of capsules I take per day changed?
Yes. It is important to note the dosage is now 3 capsules per day. This is due to increase in collagen dosage and other added ingredients.

Is one bottle still one month’s supply?
Yes. Even though one bottle now contains 90 capsules, it is still a 30-day supply because you are taking 3 capsules per day. Your membership delivery frequency will be the same as always.

Why is it no longer in a clear bottle?
The product is no longer in a clear bottle because the added antioxidants & vitamin C are sensitive to light. Always store your capsules in the container provided with the lid on, do not transfer the capsules to a clear container or bag.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team on 0800 222 655 or


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