Collagen Infusion: The What, Why and Who!

Posted on 05 December 2019

Collagen supplement for skin health, elasticity and firmness

Let's talk about our star beauty product, Collagen Infusion

What is it?

We were excited to introduce 100% Collagen Infusion at the end of 2018 as an evolution of our previous flagship collagen product. Customers had been asking for antioxidants and vitamin C to go with their collagen, and so we added those and increased the collagen dose by a massive 35% from 1100mg to 1500mg per day. The search for a superior antioxidant led us all the way to Nelson, where we found a New Zealand company manufacturing a blend of potent phenolic (ring shaped) antioxidants and non-acidic vitamin C.


In our previous blog we explained the benefits of collagen for skin health, elasticity and firmness. While collagen is effective on it's own, the addition of antioxidants and vitamin C adds a powerful boost to your beauty regime. Phenolic antioxidants are the most powerful scavengers of damaging free radicals and their ring shaped nature makes them chelators (small molecules) of toxic heavy metals. They offer protection from environmental pollutants and UV rays which can cause skin damage, patchiness and premature aging. Vitamin C is not only another potent antioxidant in our blend, but has an absolutely critical role in regulating the production of collagen within the layers of the skin, as well as the rest of the body. Without enough vitamin C, collagen production is compromised, so it's definitely something to be aware of when considering long-term skin health. The type of vitamin C added is a gentle, tummy-friendly buffered form.


Whether your goal is prevention or repair, Collagen Infusion is for you! We often get asked by young women if this product is useful for them. The answer is: Yes, collagen is for you too! You are never too young to support your skin as it faces the many stressors of modern life. You only get one face! On the opposite side, you are never too old to see an improvement when you start looking after what you've got, so why not get on it and see what this cutting-edge product can do for you.

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