Skin Boosting Collagen Smoothie Recipe

Posted on 20 January 2020

Collagen smoothie recipe with berries

Let's start the day with a skin-loving antioxidant smoothie! There are many ways to go about constructing a smoothie, but the classic banana and berries will always be a winner, especially when boosted with a scoop or two of our new Raw Collagen Powder which contains nothing but pure collagen peptides - perfect for significantly boosting our body's collagen levels to help slow down the aging process. 

The result is a thick and delicious smoothie that you know is doing great things for your inner glow.


  • One banana
  • One cup of mixed berries (frozen or fresh)
  • 1-2 serves of Puraz Raw Collagen Powder
  • One cup of water or, for a tropical twist, coconut water
  • Optional: your preferred sweetener


Blend until smooth. This smoothie will thicken upon standing, as the collagen begins to gelatinise.


There are many ways to tweak this smoothie for enhanced nutrition or to make it more of a meal. Here are some ideas:

Add yogurt for a probiotic upgrade! Replace half the water with greek yogurt, coconut yogurt or whatever is your favourite. 

Oats. Add a quarter of a cup of oats to make the smoothie more of a breakfast. Blend them before adding the other ingredients, so that you have more of an oat powder

Other popular additions are nut butter, hemp or chia seeds or a small handful of leafy greens. You can also use cold green tea instead of water for a healthy buzz.

Keep an eye on the blog for more smoothie recipes, and in the meantime, we'd recommend getting your hands on some Raw Collagen Powder so that you are fully prepared and ready to blend!

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