Why take a Multivitamin?

Posted on 09 November 2019


Around 15% of New Zealanders take a multivitamin regularly, and if you’re reading this, you are likely one of them.  So, what’s the deal? Do they work? Will they give you superpowers?

Here are our reasons to take a multi and some information about what makes ours a very wise choice.

A multivitamin can ‘fill the gaps’ in your daily nutrition

A balanced diet should deliver all necessary nutrients for health and for minimising the risk of the ‘lifestyle diseases’ - heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke. However, optimal eating is not always easy. NZ Health Survey data shows that 56% of adults consume less than three servings of vegetables a day and 63% consume less than two pieces of fruit.  The survey data also showed greater than 20% inadequate intake for several nutrients including Vitamin A, several B-group vitamins, calcium, zinc and selenium.  In addition, stress, illness and environmental pollution exposure may increase your body’s requirements, particularly for antioxidant nutrients. A quality multivitamin and mineral health supplement is an effective way to address these potential nutrient inadequacies and is safe, even when taken over the long term.

How will it benefit you?

A good multi can enhance your life in ways that could be collectively described as ‘feeling better’. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced mood
  • Improved energy and alertness
  • Better sleep
  • More alertness
  • Feelings of ‘wellbeing’
  • Faster recovery from stress

In terms of those fun age-related issues that we all deal with eventually, a multi health supplement may help with retaining memory function and eye health as well as reducing the risk of nutrition-linked disease.

About Puraz Men’s and Women’s Multivitamin

In developing our multi, we had goals in mind to bring you the very best. Below are the special features built into our premium product.

  • It’s not a ‘kitchen sink’ multi. Our starting point was not adding unnecessary ingredients just to have an impressive looking list on the label. Instead we included efficacious doses of the most important micronutrients.


  • Being sensible with iron. The men’s multi does not contain iron and the women’s contains a low amount. This is because supplementing iron when you are not deficient can be hazardous and because the presence of excess iron can degrade other nutrients inside the capsule. If you have an iron deficiency you need a separate high-dose supplement for that. A multi will not do the job.


  • Activated B vitamins! Most multivitamin supplements contain B vitamins in a form that requires your body to undertake a conversion process before your cells can make use of it. For example, B6 as Pyridoxine HCL, must be converted to pyridoxine-5-phosphate. This conversion process becomes less efficient as we age, so we have saved your body some work and included the activated forms of B6 and B12.


  • Methylfolate. Around 40% if people carry a version of the MTHFR gene which means they can not make use of cheap synthetic folic acid. To get around this, we have used only the natural form 5-methyltetrahydrofolate.


  • Magnificent Minerals. We’ve included highly bioavailable forms of minerals, favouring amino acid chelates that are bioengineered for enhanced absorption and using a natural seaweed derived mineral as our calcium source.


  • Both forms of vitamin K. You may not even be aware that there exists a vitamin K2. This is because many multivitamin formulations only use K1. However, although both are ‘K vitamins’ their roles in the body are very different. K2 is essential to bone health and should not be excluded.

When it comes to multivitamins you really can’t do better than ours. If you’ve got any questions about it, please leave us a comment below or give us a call in the office 0800 222 655. Let’s get you started toward feeling your best!

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