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Saving your Skin from Within this Summer

02 December 2019

The New Zealand summer is glorious. We really have it good, don’t we? Beaches, green spaces, cafes, gardens, we have them and naturally we want to get out there and enjoy them! However, while we appreciate that you have surfing moves to show off, we’…

Bovine vs. Marine Collagen: Which is better REALLY?

16 October 2019

Bovine or marine collagen? It can seem so confusing, with misinformation bubbling up from every corner of the internet, so please allow us a minute or two to clarify the situation. For nearly 20 years Puraz has focused on bovine collagen, but this wa…

Collagen Infusion: The What, Why and Who!

08 October 2019

Let's talk about our star beauty product, Collagen Infusion

What is it?

We were excited to introduce 100% Collagen Infusion at the end of 2018 as an evolution of our previous flagship collagen product. Customers had been asking for antioxidants and v…

Lines and Wrinkles: How can we Minimise them?

04 October 2019

The years may bring wisdom, but they also bring unwelcome signs of facial aging, perhaps just as life is getting good. If lines and wrinkles don't feature in your plans just yet, you may rightly search for a solution. Is it possible to delay, or even…

Manuka Honey: An Ancient Solution for 21st Century Skin

26 March 2019

Honey is one of the oldest cosmetic and therapeutic ingredients in existence, with diverse ancient civilisations utilising it to make skin and hair beautifying lotions and treat blemishes, wounds and infections, as well as for uses that are no longer…

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