Wake Up Collagen Smoothie

Posted on 15 March 2020

Collagen coffee smoothie

What is the best way to start the day following that excellent sleep you got after taking our Sleep Manager? Beauty boosting coffee hit, anyone? This delicious smoothie could either be an addition to your breakfast, or a nutritious breakfast on its own for those of us that like to keep it light in the mornings. The addition of our Raw Collagen powder not only boosts the nutrition with a range of skin-loving collagen peptides, but also adds some froth and creaminess. 



1-2 Bananas

Scoop of your favourite protein powder

1 Scoop of Puraz Raw Collagen Powder

1 Shot of espresso, or 1 tsp of instant coffee

A pinch of salt

Optional: a drop of vanilla or rum essence



Blend all ingredients until the mix is smooth with no banana chunks. If you are using espresso, an idea is to add the coffee after blending as in the picture. This way you can share your smoothie with any kids or caffeine-sensitive people in your household before you add the coffee!


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