Collagen Creamer Recipe

Posted on 18 October 2021

Two glasses of coffee with powdered collagen creamer being poured into the front cup

Firstly, what is Collagen Creamer?

Good Question! Collagen creamer represents the happy marriage of collagen coffee and coffee creamers. Given that powdered coffee creamers are not huge in NZ, it's understandable that your first reaction might be ‘huh?’.  Adding collagen to coffee has been a thing for a while: it's a great way to get your daily collagen intake and doesn't affect the taste of your coffee. 

But what if you want your coffee, and your collagen, but you also want something latte-ish but without the dairy? Collagen creamer to the rescue! A spoon or two of collagen creamer adds substance and ‘creaminess’ to your java hit, and with a bit of sweetener, turns your morning ritual into a proper treat. At this time of year, you might also be thinking of Christmas. How about a jar of homemade coffee creamer for the caffeine addicts in your family?

What is Collagen Creamer made of?

The core ingredients of most dairy-free collagen creamers are collagen peptides and coconut milk powder. The coconut milk powder adds creaminess and the nutritional advantage of medium chain fatty acids (MCT's) for instant energy and a metabolic boost. The combination of collagen and coconut also helps prevent the caffeine jitters and provides a steady absorption of those good heat-stable collagen peptides. However, commercial collagen creamers may also contain artificial flavours, sweeteners and thickeners that you don't want to consume. Luckily, making your own collagen creamer is so, SO easy, and it doesn't take a mathematician to calculate the savings compared to buying it. 

How do I make Collagen Creamer at Home?

All you will need for this mission is your Puraz Raw Collagen powder and a few things from the supermarket.


  • 5 Scoops of Puraz Raw Collagen Powder
  • 50 grams Coconut Milk Powder (this is the size of the Ayams sachets that most supermarkets stock)
  • Optional: Flavour and sweetener. Some ideas:
    • Three sachets of vanilla sugar - we used Jumbo Suiker met Vanilla Smaak from the bakery aisle at the supermarket
    • Half a tsp of stevia powder (test and add more if necessary)


Mix all ingredients together in a jar.

Make a fresh coffee and add 2-4 heaped teaspoons, stirring until the powder is well mixed and creamy looking.






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