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Which Puraz Collagen Product is for Me?

Posted on 22 June 2020

Infusion, or PRO-d, or Sleep Manager - Which Puraz collagen products should you use?

Here at Puraz as the collagen experts we have huge enthusiasm for collagen peptides. Collagen is now in all our core products except krill oil and although this makes it easy to get your daily collagen, it also introduces some decision making into your already-busy life. Which product is the collagen product for you? 

The table below summarises the main benefits of our collagen product range. This range consists of three high-dose collagen supplements, where the primary effect is focused on skin or joint health, and the rest of the core products, which are premium supplements for immunity, anti-aging and sleep with collagen as a synergistic ingredient.

ProductIngredientsWhy Choose this One?
Collagen Infusion

Collagen Hydrolysate

NZ grown, fruit-derived phenolic antioxidants and vitamin C

Infusion is our premium skin health product

Designed to improve skin hydration and elasticity and reduce wrinkling

Added vitamin C as this is required for collagen synthesis

Handy Capsules

Pro-D Joint Health

Collagen Hydrolysate

Hyaluronic Acid

Supporting Vitamins and Minerals

Our popular bone and joint health product

Contains an efficacious dose of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and minerals that may be deficient in people with joint issues

A tasty lime powder

Raw Collagen100% Pure Collagen Hydrolysate

Our highest dose (8 grams) and most versatile product for skin and hair health

Neutral tasting for those that like to be creative. Easy to add to coffee, food, baking or photogenic smoothies. 

Sleep Manager

Collagen Hydrolysate

Glycine, Magnesium, Tryptophan, Taurine, Sleep-supporting Vitamins and Minerals

This is for you if you have sleep issues!

Contains a hefty 2 grams of collagen peptides per dose, which not only aids sleep, but gives you a beauty boost while you sleep.

A clean-tasting lemon powder

Immune Defence and Telomere HealthQuality ingredients selected to support immune health and telomerase production (cellular anti-aging)These products are for those that are seeking a primary benefit of either immune support or telomere health, with the added boost of some collagen peptides.

Keep in mind that there is always overlap with collagen benefits, for example although there are some differences in collagen ‘type’ between skin and joint health focused products, all collagen contains bioactive peptides, has anti-inflammatory benefits and provides amino-acid substrates that your body may use as required for tissue regeneration and to replace collagen lost through aging. All collagen is hypoallergenic and has a high level of safety and tolerance, and of course, all collagen products produced by Puraz have been manufactured under our strict quality control rules, have been tested for contaminants and contain NO FILLERS, free-flow agents or artificial sweeteners.  


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