Our Top Three for Keeping Sane during Covid Lockdowns

Posted on 19 August 2021

A woman and a ginger cat sitting on a bed, working from home, looking at an ipad

Lockdowns are a challenge! While we know they are necessary for curbing viral spread and keeping our physical selves safe, research shows that mental health can take a nosedive, particularly for those that already live with depression and anxiety.

While working from home ourselves, we’ve put together a hotlist of tools and resources to help us all keep sane during Covid, and because our concentration spans are limited, we’ve limited it to the top three.

1. Routines

The disruption of routines is a significant stressor for humans. After the first round of lockdowns, University of Canterbury Psychologist Dr. Neil Thompson had this to say:

“Humans are social animals … and all age groups were affected by the sudden and profound shift in normal routines”

Particularly for those of us a predisposition to anxiety, routine and structure are very calming.   An effective place to establish a Covid routine is with your nutrition, often the first thing to crumble when we don’t have work breaks to remind us to eat.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack times can help center us into a sense of normalcy, and it’s good self-care, yes, even if lunch is a mug cake! You might find it useful to set a timer for times when you’d usually eat or take your supplements or medications. 

Another idea is to start a new, healthful lockdown routine. With gyms closed you could use your work-from-home freedom to tick off a daily home workout or mood-boosting walk, socially distanced of course!

2. Hobbies and Rest

It is normal to feel more tired when life throws a curve-ball. It’s your body’s way of conserving energy, and sometimes, the most healing thing to do is curl up in a blanket and have a lush snooze with the cat.  Alternatively, you could get started on a hobby, home project or online series. 2000 piece jigsaw, anyone?

Or what about taking up the traditional lockdown hobby of baking and making food? We have a range of recipe ideas for you to try. Some of them even include our products as ingredients for a healthy boost.

Collagen Baked Oats Bar

Pro-d Matcha Latte Smoothie

Chocolate Dates

Probiotic Smoothie Bowl

Salted Caramel Oats

3. Digital Tools

You’re on the internet already. Instead of becoming anxious catching up on conspiracy theories, why not nourish your mental health with some free tools.

  • Mentemia is an app you can download to help with routine and setting some easy daily goals to make you feel purposeful
  • For coping tools and community support try Melon Health
  • The Just a Thought website  is packed full of Covid wellbeing and sanity resources and courses to keep you occupied or help you process difficult problems, thoughts and emotions. You can even download a meditation audio to help you relax or fall asleep or undertake some e-therapy.
  • If none of those are what you are looking for, head over to the Ministry of Health Covid Resource Page, where there is a treasure trove of useful information, including tools for parents, young people, health care workers and those struggling with  mental health issues and addictions.

Look after yourselves out there and remember, we will get through this! If we can help you get through this lock down feeling a bit better then head to our products page to check out our range of specific products to have you feeling your best.

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