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Image for 'gut health' showing a probiotic supplement and gut supportive foods: oatmeal, almonds and peaches

Cheat Sheet for Gut Health

16 February 2023
Gut health is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to feeling your best. Whether you have existing gut health issues, or want to proactively care for your inner self, we are here to help.Let’s start with the number one tactic, feed your friends!  By friends, ...
A bowl of collagen with some on a spoon with a leaf underneath, text 'clarifying prebiotic collagen'. Colours: light blue, green (leaf), white (collagen), orange/brown (bowl).

Clarifying Prebiotic Collagen

05 December 2022
 You’ve likely heard the term ‘prebiotic collagen’ lately and wondered… what exactly is that?Let’s start by clarifying what a prebiotic is and why they matterThe term ‘prebiotic’ describes a group of non-digestible substances that can be broken down and fermented by ...
Lemon Cheesecake bars on a plate, with single bar in foreground and one bar being lifted using antique cake tongs.

Collagen Lemon Cheesecake Bars

27 August 2022
Spring is in the air, and a fresh, lemony treat is just what we all need to get us through to the warmer months. These delightful dairy-free lemon cheesecake bars fit the bill perfectly, and there's a substantial 4 grams of collagen in each serve!IngredientsMakes 8For ...
Puraz Collagen Infusion bottle run under a tap and the label is being peeled off

Our Commitment to Sustainability

23 June 2022
Recycling Here at Puraz, we care deeply about health, and that includes the health of the planet! Obviously, packaging is something we can’t do without, so we’ve done our research and settled on an approach that is ecologically sound, while also being product safe.The ...
Puraz Raw Collagen Bottle and Nutrition Tracking App on Android Phone being held face up

Nutrition Facts for Puraz Products

18 March 2022
Now and then we get a phone call, or a message from a customer asking about the nutrition information for whatever Puraz collagen product they have in their hand.  We understand! Not everyone needs to know every little detail about their supplements, but some of you ...
Puraz New Zealand Telomere Health product with candles in the background

Telomeres, Telomerase and Your Aging Cells

04 January 2022
 What rhymes with ‘new year’? Telomere! We take this as a sign to start 2022 with some straight-up telomere education. Additionally, if your New Year’s resolutions are already looking shaky, it’s not too late to add cellular health to the list and get started on a ...
Collagen Fudge in a jar with sherry in a glass bottle in background

10-Minute Collagen Fudge

26 November 2021
It's nearly Christmas and what you need in your life is the most delicious collagen salted caramel fudge that takes 10 minutes to make and can either be gifted, or presented to your own very grateful tastebuds. Keeping up your collagen intake over the festive season ...
Two glasses of coffee with powdered collagen creamer being poured into the front cup

Collagen Creamer Recipe

18 October 2021
Firstly, what is Collagen Creamer?Good Question! Collagen creamer represents the happy marriage of collagen coffee and coffee creamers. Given that powdered coffee creamers are not huge in NZ, it's understandable that your first reaction might be ‘huh?’.  Adding ...
Peanut butter on bread beside a woman working on laptop

Lockdown Tips for Eating Well

16 September 2021
Lockdown can really mess with our eating routines and habits, leaving us feeling less than optimal, and sometimes, downright overwhelmed and exhausted. Not only is there the transition to working-from-home to cope with (again), but you may also be wrangling the kids ...
Bliss Balls with Collagen and Chili in a bowl with blurred ingredients behind

Hot Stuff Bliss Balls Recipe

26 August 2021
Snacks are the best and there is literally no need to avoid them!  What we've done with this recipe is include your daily dose of Raw Collagen in a tasty, spicy, healthy bliss balls recipe. Ingredients:Makes Six (Three bliss balls per collagen dose)4 large, soft, ...
A woman and a ginger cat sitting on a bed, working from home, looking at an ipad

Our Top Three for Keeping Sane during Covid Lockdowns

19 August 2021
Lockdowns are a challenge! While we know they are necessary for curbing viral spread and keeping our physical selves safe, research shows that mental health can take a nosedive, particularly for those that already live with depression and anxiety.While working from ...
Collagen Baked Oats Bar

Collagen Baked Oats Bar

14 July 2021
This filling recipe is so many things at once! It could be a breakfast, or a snack. It’s got 14 grams of protein and 6 grams of dietary fibre and each bar has your daily dose of Puraz raw collagen powder in an easily portable form. Our recipe is egg and dairy free and ...
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