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Here you can learn some of the science behind our products as well as lifestyle tips to help them work most effectively.

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In-house Manufacturing at Puraz

27 September 2018

Let’s talk about something that we think is very important: the supplement industry, and specifically, the reasons why we at Puraz made the costly decision to build our own manufacturing facility and take control of all of the processes that lead to …

History of Puraz

25 September 2018

New Zealander Warren Stirling founded Puraz back in 2004 and is still our sole owner and CEO. In his own words, he talks about how and why he started the business, and his plans for the future of Puraz.

In 1986, I founded Stirling Shearing Limited. T…

Krill oil’s environmental impact - fact vs fiction

16 August 2018

There is little doubt that krill oil is good for you. It contains highly bioavailable omega 3 fatty acids, and the natural antioxidant astaxanthin which makes it highly resistant to oxidation (or going rancid). However, the question often arises, is …

Simple Turmeric Latte Recipe

24 July 2018

If you’ve been anywhere near the world of health and fitness lately, you’ve undoubtedly heard the buzzword curcumin, and probably seen turmeric latte on the drinks menu of your local espresso hangout.
Today we’ve got a very easy recipe for you, which …

Tips for Winter Wellness

24 July 2018

It’s definitely that time of year! The shortest day is past, but hello, cold and flu season. Whether you are passing the time while recuperating, or plan to avoid being slayed by illness this year, we have tips for you!

Wash your hands! This is a top…

Top 10 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep!

20 July 2018

Along with nutritious food, exercise and social interaction, effective sleep is one of the non-negotiable cornerstones of a healthy life. Insufficient sleep reduces quality of life and increases the risk of physical and mental health problems1, and a…

Good or Bad? NZ Natural Health and Supplementary Products Bill

11 June 2018

Regulation of Dietary Supplements in New Zealand has been a long time coming. The original proposal in the mid 2000’s was a grueling Trans Tasman Scheme, regulated by the now-defunct Australia New Zealand Therapeutic Products Agency (ANZTPA), which w…

Is your skincare truly 'natural' or just clever marketing?

10 June 2018

If you are a health conscious person, the word ‘Natural’ likely tweaks your interest when purchasing cosmetics and face-care. After all, your skin is your largest organ and should be a toxin-free zone! You may be surprised to learn that there is no i…

5 Tricks to Stay Healthy in the Holiday Season

14 December 2017

The theory with holidays is that they should be a rejuvenating time from which you emerge ready to take on life with renewed enthusiasm. However, for many of us, the ‘festive season’ leads to energy-sapping over-indulgence and unwelcome weight gain. …

Health and longevity, can it be improved with supplements?

21 January 2016

A healthy diet and exercise - when it comes to optimal wellbeing, those are the two things we read about all the time. It's one of our best bets for producing a healthy body and mind, and to increasing longevity. But supplements also play a vital rol…

Why beauty therapists are pro collagen

13 November 2015

There are any number of treatments your beauty therapist may recommend for skin rejuvenation but one that's often recommended is collagen supplementation - a non-invasive, all-natural solution for smoother, firmer looking skin.

Collagen is part of th…

Joint health remedies

07 September 2015

Joint stiffness and discomfort can be caused by age, undue pressure on the joints, and wear and tear that causes the protective cartilage to wear out.

The following remedies go a long way to providing long-term joint comfort.

Weight loss

The more wei…

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