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Probiotic Smoothie Bowl

Probiotic Smoothie Bowl

23 November 2020
You want something that’s more than a smoothie, but fruitier than a granola and that will set you up for the day by looking after your probiotic and prebiotic needs? How about a Probiotic Smoothie Bowl? Yes please.Ingredients:Serves Two2 bananas (frozen or raw is ...
gut health

Gut Health

23 November 2020
Gut HealthGut health! Everyone’s talking about it, but what is it exactly, why does it matter, what can we do to maximize it and what is the microbiome?  We’re here today to answer your questions.The ‘gut’ refers to your gastrointestinal system that breaks down and ...
Omega 3 is good for brain health

Stay Sharp with Omega 3's

14 September 2020
Whether you imagine an old age full of travel, gardening, playing with the grandkids or doing crosswords, there’s one body part that you need healthy and fit: your brain! Full cognitive function can help you make the most of every moment and stay independent for ...
Krill Oil or Fish Oil which is better for omega 3 fatty acids

Krill Oil or Fish Oil, Which is Better?

10 September 2020
A consistent intake of omega 3 fatty acids is one of the best and easiest (!) things you can do for your health. The benefits of the omega 3’s DHA (docohexanoic acid) and EPA (ecosapentanoic acid) are well researched and widely known. You’ve probably already heard ...
Smoothie using Collagen powder and pumpkin puree

Pumpkin Spice Collagen Smoothie

12 August 2020
Done right, this smoothie has a comforting egg-nog flavour and provides a boost of immunity-nourishing nutrients such as vitamin A (in beta-carotene form). Ingredients:1 Banana½ Cup pumpkin puree200 ml milk (animal or plant milk will work)200 ml water1 Scoop vanilla ...
Breakfast salted caramel oat porridge

Salted Caramel Collagen Oats

11 August 2020
What if you could get your collagen, your salted caramel fix and your breakfast all at once?!Thanks to this recipe, you actually can!  The flavours in this porridge are amazingly good, with the dates adding an authentic caramel flavour. You'll be in a good mood all ...
Collagen dog treats
Animal Health

Easy Dog Treats

16 July 2020
Unlike our feline friends, dogs will often eat literally anything, including but not limited to things that are disgusting to us and/or toxic for them. Human treats are very attractive to the puppers, but unfortunately the list of things that can harm dogs includes ...
Pet joint health leads to increase overall mobility and quality of life
Animal Health

Joint Health for Pets!

14 July 2020
Pets are family, and it can be very distressing when your beloved cat or dog starts suffering the problems that come with age. Just like in humans, one of the most common issues afflicting aging animals is joint dysfunction. Dogs in particular are prone to ...
Mediterranean diet can supplement your health

An Introduction to the Mediterranean Diet

25 May 2020
The ‘Mediterranean Diet’ describes the traditional eating patterns of many countries that border the Mediterranean Sea, such as Italy and Sardinia. Eating ‘the Mediterranean way’ has been shown in observational studies and clinical trials to result in multiple ...
Hazelnut crusted salmon

Hazelnut Crusted Salmon

19 May 2020
Salmon is good for you, so are nuts, so let’s put them together in a very tasty recipe that doesn’t take long and largely uses ingredients that are currently seasonal in New Zealand.IngredientsOne large or two smaller salmon fillets (~250 grams total)2.5 heaped tbsp ...
Managing your sleep

Top Ten Tips for a Better Night's Sleep

20 April 2020
Along with nutritious food, exercise and social interaction, effective sleep is one of the non-negotiable cornerstones of a healthy life. Insufficient sleep reduces quality of life and increases the risk of physical and mental health problems1, and approximately 1/3 ...
Tips for keeping well in 2020

Wellness Tips for 2020

01 April 2020
We are in challenging times! How do you stay well when we are not only approaching cold and flu season, but also have the threat of a novel coronavirus to deal with? Here are our top tips to keep yourself healthy.Pristine hands! Wash them with soap and use sanitisers ...
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