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Here you can learn some of the science behind our products as well as lifestyle tips to help them work most effectively.

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Food for me or my skin?

18 August 2015

Take a look at why you eat. The obvious reason is because you're hungry, but it makes much more sense to eat for wellbeing. The types of food we put in our body can affect our heath. Nutritionally dense foods - pure, whole foods free from additives a…

Telomere Health and Telomere Science

26 June 2015

It may not seem like it, but when you buy a health product, you are purchasing the end result of months, or even years, of research and development. Every ingredient is there for a reason.

The aim with Puraz Telomere Health was to find natural produc…

Sensitive skin - what can I do?

25 May 2015

Our skin has a very important function. " It acts as a barrier, keeping bacteria, viruses, fungi, germs and harmful chemicals from getting into our bodies. It protects us from cold, heat and sun, as well as other environmental factors. Our skin plays…

Fish oil supplements by Puraz

04 May 2015

We all know that high-quality fish oil supplements are good for us, right?

Well, studies show that krill oil is even better.

Like regular fish oil, krill oil contains high levels of the omega-3 fatty acids DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (Eicosape…

What is telomere health and how can it help you?

30 March 2015

Telomerase, often referred to as 'the fountain of youth', is the key enzyme that repairs telomeres by maintaining telomere length. That's important in healthy living, because shortened telomeres directly affect our rate of aging.

What is a telomere?

Studies show many fish oils are rancid and lack omega 3. How does Puraz Krill Oil stack up?

19 February 2015

A Nature Journal article reports that a high proportion of retail Fish Oil supplements in New Zealand are of poor quality, containing both high levels of oxidation by-products (which indicate rancidity) and less Omega 3 than stated on the label.


"Anti-Aging" Is it real?

29 January 2015

From smoothing out those fine lines to firming up sagging skin, anti-aging products make some very enticing promises. And each year consumers spend billions of dollars to find the perfect lotion or potion. But the question is, do anti-aging skincare …

Boosting brain health with brain food

01 December 2014

Like everything else in your body, the brain cannot work without energy. It requires nutrients to keep brain cells healthy and operating at their optimum capacity. Choosing foods that specifically benefit brain health is essential. Your mental clarit…

How does Puraz help make dietary supplements better?

10 February 2014

When it comes to improving health and lengthening life, it is well accepted that supplementing the body with the compounds it needs to maintain and rebuild can make a huge difference. Part of the reason for this is that in our typical modern diets we…

Brain food that will make you smarter!

21 January 2014

The World Health Organisation already recommends omega-3s as an essential part of diet for all-round health. One of the problems most people face, is that they do not get sufficient omega-3s from diet alone. Yet not only can omega-3s support our hear…

From what age should I be taking Omega 3?

29 October 2013

Omega 3 fatty acids have health benefits for every age group. In particular they support cardiovascular health and joint mobility.

No matter our age, we all depend on our diets for omega-3s and yet in the average Western diet we simply do not get eno…


21 October 2013

It’s an important question, as degradation in collagen is so closely linked with the aging process and the changes we see in our skin, hair and cells. "Basically collagen is a protein which consists of amino acids. "It makes up about 30% of all prote…

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