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Supporting Telomere's

All About Telomeres!

06 February 2020
What is a Telomere and why should you care?The 'telomere' is a section of DNA that exists on the tips of your chromosomes, and protects them. It is often described as being like the plastic tip on the end of a shoelace that stops it unraveling.  Our cells are ...
Collagen smoothie recipe with berries

Skin Boosting Collagen Smoothie Recipe

20 January 2020
Let's start the day with a skin-loving antioxidant smoothie! There are many ways to go about constructing a smoothie, but the classic banana and berries will always be a winner, especially when boosted with a scoop or two of our new Raw Collagen Powder which contains ...
Candied Almonds

Christmas Recipe - Candied Almonds

20 December 2019
Are you looking for some delicious Christmassy snacks, or perhaps want to offer someone a unique gift?  We'd recommend these candied almonds, and of course if you want to add that New Zealand touch, the recipe also works with locally grown hazelnuts or macadamia ...
Types of Collagen and there benefits

Bovine vs. Marine Collagen: Which is better?

15 December 2019
Bovine or marine collagen? It can seem so confusing, with misinformation bubbling up from every corner of the internet, so please allow us a minute or two to clarify the situation. For nearly 20 years Puraz has focused on bovine collagen, but this was not an easy or ...
Collagen supplement for skin health, elasticity and firmness

Collagen Infusion: The What, Why and Who!

05 December 2019
Let's talk about our star beauty product, Collagen InfusionWhat is it?We were excited to introduce 100% Collagen Infusion at the end of 2018 as an evolution of our previous flagship collagen product. Customers had been asking for antioxidants and vitamin C to go with ...
Reduce lines wrinkles with collagen

Wrinkles - How we can reduce them with Collagen

01 December 2019
The years may bring wisdom, but they also bring unwelcome signs of facial aging, perhaps just as life is getting good. If lines and wrinkles don't feature in your plans just yet, you may rightly search for a solution. Is it possible to delay, or even reverse, lines ...
Dairy-free fruit sponge

Warming Dairy-free Fruit Sponge

30 November 2019
You know we are all about those fruit-derived antioxidants, so here is a way to enhance your intake that will also warm your heart on a chilly evening and make you love your life.We used a small 2-3 person pie dish, but you can scale appropriately.This is a dairy and ...

Why take a Multivitamin?

09 November 2019
Around 15% of New Zealanders take a multivitamin regularly, and if you’re reading this, you are likely one of them.  So, what’s the deal? Do they work? Will they give you superpowers?Here are our reasons to take a multi and some information about what makes ours a ...
Broth recipe that nourishes collagen levels

Tasty Broth recipe for your Body and Bones!

08 October 2019
Bone broth is so ‘in’ right now as a health elixir, which is surely no surprise to anybody’s grandmother, although she may have a laugh at paying $9 for a cup of it at a trendy café.  The traditional benefits of a well made broth are not just inter-generational myth. ...
Winter wellness with Puraz, from managing sleep to multivitamins

Tips for Feeling Better when it's Cold Outside

06 September 2019
Summer is definitely over, and Autumn is slowly morphing into frosty mornings and chilly dark evenings. It’s natural to feel a bit less energetic and like you’d rather stay in bed with the cat, but sometimes this slugglishness can begin to affect our quality of life, ...
The effects of Sleep Deprivation

The effects of Sleep Deprivation

01 August 2019
You are Now Getting SleeeepyWe all know that feeling of not having slept well. Whether it’s because of insomnia, over caffeination, nocturnal children or because the Puraz Instagram feed was just too interesting, the impact is the same. You feel fuzzy, grumpy and ...
Puraz - The Collagen Experts

Introducing the NEW Puraz 100% Collagen Infusion - What’s Inside?

05 July 2019
Here at Puraz, we like to see ourselves as the Collagen experts and our product development team continuously keep abreast of the very latest health & beauty research from around the globe. We are continuously refining our products to make them even better and more ...
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