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Rapid relief for joints and muscles

Soothe tired, stiff joints and muscles immediately with high strength Puraz Inflamox. An advanced topical joint cream made with all natural ingredients, it helps soothe where it's needed, with fast results and no lasting odour.



Inflamox puts a scientific spin on all natural. Scientifically created using active ingredients derived from capsaicin, arnica and ginger it gives you high performance, fast active relief in a cream. Easy to apply it and non-greasy, it penetrates deeply to soothe tired, stiff joints and muscles with no lasting odour.

Capsaicin is derived from the seeds and membranes of chillies and capsicum. It is the chemical that makes chillies hot, and when applied as a topical cream can be used to soothe muscles and joint stiffness. Regular application will result in a continued soothing effect for your muscles, tissues and joints, helping to restore comfort and wellbeing. Capsaicin’s warming effect also supports an increase in muscle temperature and circulation, supporting mobility, especially in cold conditions. Numerous clinical studies show capsaicin is very effective at providing relief from stiffness. It supports joint and muscle comfort. Capsaicin is a potent natural ingredient that supports joint mobility and muscle flexibility.

Arnica is derived from the Arnica montana plant. It’s a relative of the sunflower plant, producing similar large yellow flowers. Arnica has been used since the 1500s in herbal medicine for it’s support for healing and recovery and it’s antibacterial properties. It is the most commonly used herb in natural medicine for the treatment of trauma. The fresh or dried flower heads are now commonly used all over the world in creams to soothe tired and stiff muscles and heal wounds and bruises. Arnica supports the body’s response to soft tissue damage, and it also helps to soothe joint and muscle stiffness, bruising and the normal healing process.

Ginger is one of the most common herbs used in food worldwide and possesses antioxidant, antiseptic, warming and carminative properties. It has a long history of medicinal use, primarily for soothing nausea and easing stomach upset and dizziness. Lauded for it’s healing properties in China, India and the Middle East, ginger is increasingly becoming acknowledged in Western circles for its value in soothing and relaxing tired, stiff muscles and joints when applied topically. When applied to the skin, ginger supports blood circulation to the area, providing soothing warmth. The root of the ginger plant contains powerful compounds that can help relax stiffness and support comfort for stressed muscles and creaky joints. These compounds also act as antioxidants and vigorous inhibitors of the damaging effect of free radicals which can contribute to joint stiffness and mobility issues. These protection mechanisms against joint stiffness, muscle tension and oxidative damage make ginger an all-powerful natural agent in fighting the ravages of time.

Other active ingredients
Inflamox also contains St John’s wort oil to support muscle and nerve comfort, plus peppermint oil and menthol to provide a warming, stress-relieving action.

Oleoresin Capsicum, Arnica Montana, Ginger Root Extract, Hypericum Perfortum (St. John's Wort Oil), Mentha Piperita (Peppermint Oil), Menthol, Calendula Officinalis (Calendula Oil), Aqua, Capric/Caprylic Triglyceride, Glycerine, Cetyl Alcohol (1-hexadecanol or Palmityl alcohol), Glyceryl Stearate, Cetearyl Glucoside & Cetearyl Alcohol, Simmondsiachinensis (Jojoba Oil), Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol.

Contents:  75g cream.

Directions:  Rub gently into the affected area as required. Store below 30°C.

Precautions:  For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. Do not use on open wounds or infected areas of the skin. Not recommended for use during pregnancy. Keep out of reach of children. If symptoms persist, consult your health professional.

  • What is Inflamox?
    A high-strength natural formula, Inflamox incorporates the latest ingredients to soothe muscles, joints and nerves. It's a non-greasy, soothing cream that has no lasting odour.
  • What are the key active ingredients in Inflamox?
    Inflamox contains capsaicin which is derived from the seeds and membranes of chilli peppers, and is the chemical that makes chillies hot. Inflamox also contains arnica, ginger, and St. John's Wort oil along with peppermint oil and menthol.
  • Are the active ingredients in Inflamox natural?
    Yes, all of the active ingredients used in Inflamox are totally natural. No pharmaceutical drugs or medicines are used in Inflamox.
  • What is Inflamox used for?
    Inflamox has been specifically formulated for people who need day-to-day rapid support for joint mobility, muscular and nerve issues.
  • How does Inflamox work?
    Inflamox works through topical application to the affected area. Its active ingredients work synergistically, quickly penetrating deep to provide rapid relief to the affected area.
  • How do I use Inflamox?
    Simply, apply Inflamox by rubbing gently into the affected area. It offers an immediate warming and soothing effect soon after application so it begins to provide relief relatively quickly.
  • How much should I apply at a time?
    This is down to personal preference and the type of issue being addressed. Inflamox is a quick penetrating formula so apply small amounts at first, and then increase as required.
  • How long will I need to use Inflamox for?
    This will depend on the person and the type of issue being addressed. It is best to use Inflamox continuously over a period of time to obtain the full effect. If symptoms persist, please consult your health professional.
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