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Is your skincare truly 'natural' or just clever marketing?

Posted on 10 June 2018

If you are a health conscious person, the word ‘Natural’ likely tweaks your interest when purchasing cosmetics and face-care. After all, your skin is your largest organ and should be a toxin-free zone! You may be surprised to learn that there is no internationally recognised definition of the term ‘natural’ and unfortunately, its presence on labels is often more of a ‘greenwashing’ marketing ploy than true description. This is where Natrue comes in. Natrue is an international, non-profit association with a strong interest in upgrading the status of the word ‘natural’ so that it means what you think it should! Originally formed from members of the German Natural Cosmetics Association, Natrue has a seat at the European Commission’s Working Group on Cosmetics where members advocate for international legislation and claims. However, these things take time and since 2008, Natrue has offered an international, voluntary seal for cosmetics manufacturers.

Products carrying this seal must demonstrate compliance with an extremely high standard in the areas of ingredients, production, formulations and packaging with the aim of delivering the maximum level of ‘natural’, while eliminating unnecessary chemicals, parabens, additives and fillers. A Natrue certified product:

• Contains only ingredients found in nature, or sourced from nature that appear on the Natrue database. Nothing ‘man-made’ is allowed.
• Contains no artificial additives or GMO’s.
• Contains no synthetic fragrances and colours
• Contains no petroleum and silicone oils or derivatives
• Has not been irradiated
• Has not been tested on animals

In addition the seal may only be used on any product if 80% of products in any range are eligible, which necessitates a high standard of compliance for manufacturers and offers assurance for consumers that complimentary products in a range may be of a similar high quality. The Bee Effects range launched by Puraz New Zealand in 2018 carries the Natrue seal.

Our intention when developing Bee Effects was to obtain the Natrue natural certification without compromising on the technically advanced, scientific ingredients that deliver visible results in wrinkle reduction, skin smoothness, firmness, hydration and skin cell renewal. This required not just advanced product research and development but also the instigation of a Natrue approved, Biogro audited regulatory framework which runs alongside Puraz’s existing MPI registered Risk Management Programme. Every step of the process, from supply chain, to formulation, production, packaging and labels is thoroughly documented and independently audited by Biogro for ongoing Natrue compliance. This means you can be sure that every single oil, extract, vitamin, antioxidant, botanical and bee product in our Bee Effects range is certified natural. We have pulled out all the stops to deliver the anti-aging power of nature to you. Please check the links below for more information on Natrue and our Bee Effects skin care range.

Natrue website
Puraz Bee Effects range


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