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RAW Collagen Powder

Introducing Puraz RAW Collagen Powder, your secret weapon for plump, youthful skin and healthy, strong hair and nails. Ageing gracefully is wonderful, but let’s face it, there’s nothing wrong with giving our collagen levels a little boost!

When it comes to collagen, we believe in keeping it pure and simple. Our RAW Collagen Powder is the real deal, trusted by many for its exceptional quality and pureness. No artificial fillers, colours, additives, or preservatives – just the goodness your collagen levels crave. We source the finest collagen from bovine, ensuring optimal bioavailability and absorption in the body. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic, making it suitable for everyone to enjoy its benefits.

RAW Collagen provides your body with the essential building blocks to unleash your beauty within.

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Super Boosted Collagen
Super Boosted CollagenExperience the power of a generous daily dose of collagen peptides that effectively support anti-ageing. Say hello to youthful vibes and a rejuvenated appearance!
Hair, Skin & Nails
Hair, Skin & NailsPrepare to turn heads with radiant skin and an undeniable glow. Our collagen works wonders to plump your complexion and strengthen your hair and nails, helping you look and feel your best.
Purest Form
Purest FormWe believe in keeping things real. No artificial ingredients, just pure collagen goodness. Because you deserve nothing less than the best for your body.
Mix, Blend, Enjoy
Mix, Blend, EnjoyIncorporating our RAW Collagen Powder into your daily routine is a breeze. Sprinkle a scoop into a refreshing glass of water, whip up a collagen-packed smoothie, or even add it to your favourite baked treats. The possibilities are endless!
INGREDIENTS (Serving Size: 8grams)MG PER SERVE
100% Collagen Peptides (bovine)8000

Contents:  240 grams

Directions:   Add one level scoop (8grams) per day to smoothies, coffee, baked goods etc. Best mixed with a shaker or blender.

Cautions:  People with known allergies to protein should not take this product without medical advice. This product should not be taken during pregnancy or lactation. Always read the label and use only as directed. Store below 25°C in a dry place.

Puraz Raw Collagen Powder is not known to interact with any medication with many customers taking it safely alongside their medication. However, if you are on medication, you should always consult your doctor before starting any dietary supplement.

Collagen 101

Collagen is a natural structural protein that represents almost 30% of the total body protein of mammals. It is the major component of skeletal and connective tissue and provides structural support. It is found throughout the body – in skin, muscle, tendon and bone. Fibres of collagen are woven together like threads in fabric to form a framework into which new cells can grow. In the skin, collagen provides texture, resiliency, and shape. From the age of 25, your body depletes collagen at 1.5% every year. For instance by the time you reach 45, you will have lost 30% of your body’s collagen. Taking 100% Collagen Infusion helps to make up for this loss.

Losing collagen is a natural part of the ageing process. The signs of ageing are also accelerated with sun exposure, stress and smoking. Fresh collagen production can drop by up to 40% from smoking. With sunlight, the UV rays can damage the skin and stop the production of collagen.

What is Puraz' source of Collagen

The 100% collagen peptides are derived from bovine (cow). We consider bovine collagen to be the superior form of collagen. Bovine collagen proteins have the closest resemblance to human collagen in molecular structure, so the body recognises it and the bio-availability (absorption into the body) is better. In addition, fish (the other main source of collagen in the market) is a prevalent allergen, whereas bovine collagen is hypoallergenic.

How quickly may I see the benefits of Raw Collagen

Many people report improvements soon after beginning to take Puraz Raw Collagen. Individual results may vary, but generally customers report noticeable changes to their hair, nails and sleep within the first month and then changes to skin after 3-4 months consistent usage.

What makes RAW collagen different from the others?

At Puraz, we source the most superior form of pure collagen from bovine. The collagen proteins in bovine have the closest resemblance to human collagen, meaning it’s easily absorbed into the body (bio-availability). Bovine collagen has the added bonus of being hypoallergenic, with no allergens commonly found in the alternative form of collagen, marine collagen.
During the special manufacturing process of our pure collagen, the collagen protein is made smaller by enzymes that ‘predigest’ the collagen into free amino acids and peptide fragments (smaller chains of amino acids that the body uses as building blocks). These small and low molecular weight pre-digested amino acids and peptides are rapidly absorbed through the walls of the intestines into the blood stream, providing the body with the material it needs to build structures and regulate the functions of cells.

What does Raw Collagen Taste like?

RAW Collagen Powder is easy to take in a variety of ways. Being neutral in flavour means you can add one level scoop of your RAW Collagen Powder each day to almost anything! We recommend trying our RAW Collagen Powder in your morning coffee, daily smoothies or even baking.

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