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Super Greens

Unleash the power of Super Greens and discover a super you!
This remarkable natural detoxifier is crafted with a strong combination of New Zealand grown greens, to enhance your gut health and fortify your immunity. Infused with bovine collagen, our Super Powders come packed with a comprehensive punch of health benefits.
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Packed with the equivalent of three cups of veggies and easy to drink with a refreshing, tangy pineapple flavour, you can stir the powder into water for a quick daily fix or blended into a smoothie, the choice is yours. Our green combination of wheatgrass, broccoli sprout, barley leaf, and kiwifruit, is grown right here in New Zealand using organic or bio-gro certified methods, ensuring maximum nutrient density – leaving you feeling super charged.

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Collagen Support
Collagen SupportSuper Greens supports a healthy gut, lubricated joints and healthy bones with the addition of our high-quality bovine collagen. Not to forget the comprehensive benefits that collagen offers to the appearance and overall health of your hair, skin and nails.
Gut Health & Detoxifcation
Gut Health & DetoxifcationCarefully selected greens sourced from New Zealand, possess natural detoxifying properties and enzymes that facilitate digestion, promoting optimal gut health. This exceptional super powder also ignites your body's natural defence pathways.
Anti-inflammatory Support
Anti-inflammatory SupportThe anti-inflammatory antioxidants, amino acids, and glucoproteins found within this superhero blend, combine forces to provide unparalleled support to your body, actively combating inflammation and fostering overall well-being.
Immunity & Fatigue Support
Immunity & Fatigue SupportSuper Greens has your immunity covered. Packed with the necessary vitamins and minerals to support your immune system, vision, heart health, bone health, and even wound healing. Added vitamin C gives you a much-needed energy metabolism kick and assists in fighting off tiredness and fatigue.
INGREDIENTS (Serving size 9g =1 scoop)Average per ServingAverage per 100g
Saturated Fat0.0g0.3g
Dietary Fiber1.5g16.6g
Collagen Peptides3.0g 33.1g
Vitamin C15.0mg165.7mg
(33% RDI*)
(12% RDI*)
(17% RDI*)

* Australia and New Zealand Recommended Dietary Intake for Adults 

Ingredients: Collagen hydrolysate (bovine), organic wheatgrass powder, organic barley leaf powder, kiwifruit powder, broccoli sprout powder, citric acid, natural pineapple flavour, stevia.

Instructions for use: mix one scoop into water, mixes best in a shaker

one serve = approximately 1.5 serves of vegetables (3 cups)

All grown in New Zealand.

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