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The advanced joint formula for animals

With its scientifically researched formulation Puraz Petifort provides targeted support to help increase your dog or cat’s overall mobility and quality of life.

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Why use an animal joint supplements?

Pets like humans also lose collagen as they age, resulting in stiff and sometimes debilitating sore joints. Treatments are usually fairly short term and can lead to uncomfortable side effects and vet bills expensive so it makes sense to use supplement like Puraz Petifort to repair and lubricate your pets elderly joints or use as a preventative for younger active pets to assist them in the future.


Why Petifort?

Puraz Petifort is formulated, using the very latest scientific research, specifically for dogs and cats, and for other animals in consultation with your vet. It works to increase your pet's overall mobility and quality of life and is:

  • Easy to administer - just sprinkle the powder over or mix into food
  • Made in New Zealand
  • All natural with safe, human-grade ingredients
  • Grain, gluten, artificial flavouring and preservative free.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Petifort?

    Petifort is the advanced animal joint formula. A leading-edge formulation using the latest scientific research available, Petifort works to increase your pet's overall mobility and quality of life.

  • How does my pet take Petifort?

    Petifort is easy to administer to your pet. Simply sprinkle powder evenly over, or mix into your pet's food using the enclosed scoop. Petifort is a great tasting powder that your pet will love.

  • What are the benefits of Petifort?

    Petifort provides support for joint mobility and comfort for your pet, repair of damaged cartilage, lubrication of joints and cartilage, and optimal bone health.

  • What are the key active ingredients in Petifort?

    Petifort contains three key active ingredients: collagen hydrolysate - specially optimized bioactive collagen peptides to support cartilage regeneration; green-lipped mussel - a natural source of chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine sulphate and omega-3 fatty acids for optimal bone & joint health; and hyaluronic acid - a compound found naturally within the body to keep joints and cartilage lubricated.

  • What other ingredients are in Petifort?

    Petifort also contains: vitamin C to support cartilage formation and maintenance; manganese to support bone and cartilage development; boron to build and maintain healthy bones; and selenium to support and protect cartilage whilst also providing your pet with an overall powerful antioxidant to maintain positive joint health.

  • How long before results can be seen with Petifort?

    As all pets are different, the physical effects of taking Petifort will vary from animal to animal and over different periods of time. Just as your pet's limited mobility and joint discomfort probably didn't happen overnight, cartilage regeneration also takes time. Initial improvements can be seen relatively quickly, but full benefits from the product are generally seen after 3-4 months of consistent usage.

  • Why choose Petifort over other animal joint supplements?

    Petifort is formulated using the very latest scientific research available. It is a great tasting powder your pet will love. It is very easy to administer, just sprinkle over or mix into your pet's food.

  • Is Petifort just for dogs and cats?

    Petifort has been specifically formulated for dogs and cats, but can also be given to other animals in consultation with your veterinarian.

  • Is Petifort safe for my pet?

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