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Skin/Longevity Combo - 100% Collagen & Telomere Health

 Join the Puraz Club and enjoy every 4th supply free.

Skin/Longevity Combo - 100% Collagen & Telomere Health

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The ultimate anti-aging duo

Combine 100% Collagen and Telomere Health and SAVE. Get the ultimate skin and longevity products in one package to keep you and your skin, looking and feeling great.

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1 month supply

What people are saying about Skin/Longevity Combo - 100% Collagen & Telomere Health

When taken in combination, Puraz 100% Collagen and Puraz Telomere Health forms the most advanced anti-aging supplement program available today.

Combined anti-aging support

When Puraz 100% Collagen Infusion and Puraz Telomere Health are taken in combination, together you have targeted support for:

  • Collagen production to support youthful skin aging and maintain that youthful appearance.
  • Telomerase production to support healthy aging and maintain that youthful exuberance.

100% Collagen Infusion - Look and feel younger

Rejuvenate your beauty from within. Puraz 100% Collagen Infusion contains a special form of 100% collagen infused with phenolic antioxidants and added vitamin C. Research has shown that when taken regularly, the easy to swallow capsules:

  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smoother and firmer skin
  • Protection against the free radicals that can cause skin damage and aging
  • Strengthening of hair and nails
  • Support for a healthy night’s sleep

Telomere Health - Stay healthy as you age

Puraz Telomere Health is an advanced nutritional supplement that supports telomere health and longevity. Diet and lifestyle changes are important in telomere health, but further support for battling the effects of telomere aging and shortening may be necessary.

Puraz Telomere Health has been specifically formulated to:

  • Support telomerase production, and healthy telomere length
  • Protect against oxidative stress, a known accelerator of telomere shortening
  • Support your health and longevity by supporting telomere maintenance
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